Hack Day Ideas!

Create internal communication site

Problem: There is no central place for all of the information about upcoming releases, features, products, known issues, TEAM happenings, etc. 

Idea: Revamp our existing internal documentation site, TeamTech, to better serve internal stakeholders by providing a central location to access information, such as demo videos, webinars, and other recorded sessions. This could also serve as a viable place to keep internal API documentation. The idea is to have a one-stop-shop for all things TEAM, which Employee Owners would feel comfortable setting as their home page. 

How will this help our customers? : When all of the one-off questions that internal folks have are answered preemptively, and delivered to them in a transparent way (when we communicate openly), there will be less of a need to take time away from feature and product owners. When everyone is "in-the-know" we will be better able to answer our customer's questions. Knowing truly is half the battle. 

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  • Jan 9 2018
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