Hack Day Ideas!

Distributed Employee Location Tracking

I want to build a system to track user locations. 

This information would be extremely valuable and could be applied to many current and future products at TEAM software.

  • Automatic time tracking
  • Location history and hotspots of activity (Example: view coverage of a work area)
  • Safety (Example: expected guard at location A, but have not received location update - send alert)
  • Location based messages (Example: send a message to all employees within 1 mile of a location)
  • Location aware notifications (Example: display a checkpoint when an employee walks into the lunch room)

My goal is to have a working system using Android Fused Location Provider and Firebase by the end of HackDay.

  • Jordan Petersen
  • Jan 13 2018
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  • rick gray commented
    25 Jan 13:57

    It would be great to incorporate automatic periodic checks with this.  Use case: We require our guards to do a periodic check every 30 minutes to ensure that they are in the proper location at the proper time.  If a guard does not check in, we assume there is a problem and we can dispatch somebody to check on them. We would have to make sure that we account for a phone that has not moved in last 10 minutes (guard left phone on desk).

    Another option is to use this feature to confirm patrol check points.  Use case: Our guards are required to make security rounds and have 10 different check points.  We want to be able to confirm that a guard was at a specified checkpoint at a specified time.  Manually accomplishing this would take too much time.  Using geo location would be perfect