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In-App feedback for NEXT product

Goal is to add in-app feedback to Web and Mobile for Next to be used for alpha and beta testing before launch. Ideally the solution could also be used after launch.

  • ryan hansen
  • Jan 15 2018
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  • Jordan Petersen commented
    17 Jan 17:55

    We do have a standalone feedback service in Azure that might be worth checking out. I don't know all the details, but I've attached what mobile sends it. I think there's a powerbi dashboard setup to look at the responses somewhere as well.

    .addToBody("DateMS", String.valueOf(new DateTime().getMillis()))
    .addToBody("FeedbackType", feedbackType)
    .addToBody("FeedbackGroup", "General")
    .addToBody("Feedback", description.trim())
    .addToBody("UserName", UserManager.getUser().getUserName())
    .addToBody("UserType", UserManager.getUser().getUserType().toString())
    .addToBody("Email", email)
    .addToBody("OS", "Android")
    .addToBody("OSVersion", Build.VERSION.RELEASE)
    .addToBody("DeviceDescription", manufacturer + " " + model + " (" + carrier + ")")
    .addToBody("ConnectionType", connectionType)
    .addToBody("DeviceDate", DateTimeUtils.DeviceDateTime(mContext))
    .addToBody("Website", UserManager.getWebsite())
    .addToBody("AppVersion", appVersion)